Taking yesterday's epic gear to today's digital perfection


Legacy Studio has a 135m² (1450ft²) recording room with great acoustics, ranging from warm and solid to sparkling live. From the control room there is a clear view to the recording room.

Separate from the main recording room there are two vocal booths which can also be utilized to isolate amps from the main room.

The hybrid setup at Legacy Studio enables you to record using iconic vintage gear and take the result home on a harddrive or send it over the internet to wherever you need it.

During recording we have a vast array of microphones at your disposal, ranging from classic icons to workhorses that will get any recording job done! Contact us for details.


Heart of the 65m² (700ft²) mixing room is a 32 fader DigiDesign ICON. From here our vintage outboard gear is locked in the loop with the same easy as a plug-in. The result is astonishing! All the advantages of the digital world combined with the best possible sound.

The outboard gear ranges from vintage tube gear to modern classics, there's a wide variety of flavors to choose from!

Monitoring is done through our DynAudio Air25's which are free floating in the room for a most acurate monitoring of your mixes. Of course we house the Yamaha NS10's.


Legacy Studio has a vast collection of vintage microphones and outboard gear dating from the 1930's to today. Due to our smart patching system you can easily bring your own outboard gear to use in your recordings or mixing. But we have a lot to choose from in our studio!

We collected a lot of gear over the past years, RCA, Neve, Gates, Universal Audio, Fairchild, etc. In addition to that we have the whole digital backend with all modern advantages.

Legacy Studio is home to one of the vastest microphone collections in Europe. We specialize in original iconic pieces, all in great shape and great working order. Combined with out vintage outboard gear we can create the great historic chains.

We can adapt to any needs: you can get it in-the-box, you can get the real stuff, and you can combine the two in a hybrid setup!

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about us

Legacy Studio started in 2006 as a fully digital studio. Soon we started moving into the analogue direction by searching all over the world for the iconic gear that proved to work so well in the past. We took these gems and connected them seamlessly in our digital console which was the beginning of the hybrid setup we have now: the epic gear of the past ported to digital perfection and ease of work of today.

contact information

Legacy Studio
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1681PE Zwaagdijk-Oost, The Netherlands
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